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Partnering with Cavendish Nutrition, a GMP-compliant contract manufacturer of dietary supplement products is an undertaking of paramount importance to your business. This decision will deeply impact upon the future success and reputation of your brand. Even if your company only packages, labels and/or holds and distributes products, the U.S. FDA requires that you adhere to a strict compliance process. You need a manufacturer that specializes in your products needs and its compliance with the FDA protocols. Cavendish Nutrition is the experts in this field, we live and breathe the industry.
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Cavendish Nutrition - Dietary Supplements Manufacturer Company

As a leading supplement contract manufacturer, we offer a wide range of customized formulations for your products. Our years of experience and expert knowledge in developing and producing customized formulas deliver value-added supplements.
Nutriforce has broad product catalog manufacturing Private Label Supplements, Dietary Supplement, and many other nutritional Supplement. We help in designing, advertising, and marketing strategies to quickly turnkey products to the marketplace for you in a price-powerful technique.

We ensure that you are partnered with the right manufacturer, based on the unique specifications of your product. Whether you are seeking to establish yourself as an environmentally conscious company, a USDA organic certified manufacturer, or a brand whose focus is all natural and NON-GMO ingredients? Rest assured, that Cavendish Nutrition has partnered you with the right manufacturer to best facilitate your success!

Contract Manufacturing of Dietary Supplements

Commitment to Quality

A shared level of commitment to quality between your brand and our selected contract manufacturers is the key to ongoing success. Cavendish Nutrition has conducted a vigorous quality evaluation of our partnered manufacturers. Our Quality Evaluation form, review of the manufacturers’ policies and SOPs, plus an on-site inspection and interview with the manufacturer’s quality team gives all our clients confidence in knowing that only best practice is followed. The evaluation of manufacturer facility equipment, material controls, training records, SOPs, and all documentation are closely scrutinized without deviation. Cavendish Nutrition is the Black and White of contract manufacturing.

While manufacturing our products, Safety and Quality are maintained according to your FDA set of guidelines. We ensure to choose and use verified and qualified based ingredients before making formulations for our clients and also for the end user. We employ the right people doing the right things, Our experienced staff, equipped with continuing education in emerging Quality techniques and philosophy

Driving our business practices are three main values


Quality Assurance of your final product starts and ends with our team! The pride of our team and their contribution to the quality of your end product is the foundation of our relationship and your brand’s success.
Quality is the most crucial factor in the Supplement manufacturing industry. We carry out various analysis of raw materials, packaging, and designing, and rechecking for finished products and ensure verification of the same.
Get Best Quality Service for your product

Priority service

In working with Cavendish Nutrition & Fulfillment you will enjoy streamlined communication with a dedicated project manager. Your project manager will be with you every step of the way: from product development through to order progress and tracking. Everything at Cavendish Nutrition is a collaboration between us and our clients.
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On time delivery

On-time delivery (OTD) is a most important KPI for every contract manufacturer. Meeting customer expectations when it comes to delivery logistics is a top of the list priority at Cavendish Nutrition.
Cavendish Nutrition – Get on time Delivery for your products

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Company Overview

Cavendish Nutrition & Fulfillment is here to provide you with the peace of mind that you are partnered with someone who cares as much about your business and products as you do.

Working with a manufacturer’s sales rep has you hoping that the rep has your company’s best interest at heart? However, when push-comes-to-shove it’s a different story, the rep is employed by the manufacturer with obviously the manufacturer’s benefit his ultimate priority, not yours. This can lead to immense frustration when it comes to efficiencies and quality in the manufacturing process.

At Cavendish Nutrition you are our Number 1 Priority, We Represent YOU.
Your success is our success!

It’s our job to provide you with the support, accuracy, and honesty your company deserves. We take on all the work for you, enabling you to fully focus on the life-blood of your company – SALES. Our industry expertise ensures the right manufacturer is matched to your product, giving your product every opportunity for success when it’s delivered to market.

Think of it this way: you contact a manufacturer and talk with one of their reps. You ask for a quote for 10k units of your product. You hope they get back to you quickly and hope what they are telling you is accurate? Unless your placing orders large enough for them to make you a priority, you have no idea as to where you fit in with their production runs? If they do get back to you and you decide to place an order (usually with payment), you are now at the mercy of the manufacturer and hoping you are not bumped for a larger order?

Due to the volume of work we provide directly to selected manufacturers, we can
secure a vastly more competitive price point and quicker turn-around times!

Allowing us to represent you, places you in the position of control. Our relationship with selected manufacturers ensures your order is treated with the priority that only you would expect.

If in the rare event something does not go according to plan, Cavendish Nutrition & Fulfillment will handle any event on your behalf and work with the manufacturer to correct it immediately. Cavendish Nutrition & Fulfillment will continuously keep you updated. You’ll never have that uneasy feeling of not being able to get a response or being misled as to when you can expect your order.

Cavendish Nutrition & Fulfillment becomes an extension of your company.
We are with you every step of the way!