Custom Capsule Manufacturing

Leading Capsule Manufacturer

Cavendish Nutrition is the ultimate solution for your capsule manufacturing and filling services. We are compiled with most advanced high speed capsule machines to convert your raw material into a high potential product. A distributor is free to choose between gelatin or veggie capsules as per the requirements. We are committed and able to produce any type of capsule delivery system as per your criteria.

We regularly manufacture all sizes of capsules between 0, 00, elongated 00, 000, 1, 2, 3. All our capsules are polished, inspected, and test for metal detection on every batch. CNF is the only capsule manufacturer who is bind to manufacture capsules with latest updates of encapsulation ensuring high quality at the given time.

Advantages of working with CNF

  • Variety-
    We manufacture all kinds of capsules- hard, soft, gelatin as per your needs.
  • Bulk Production-
    Our production minimums for capsule manufacturing orders start between 1,500 and 2,000 bottles.
  • Momentum-
    CNF has adopted the latest and most advanced technology machinery for capsule manufacturing. It means we are able to manufacture large number of capsules within a short span of time that too with quality.
  • Quality Control-
    We have an expert team who strictly checks each capsule‘s quality and make sure capsule is not gone through dimples, tucks, splits or uneven fill weights. Every measure is taken to prevent imperfections throughout every step of the capsule manufacturing process, starting with raw material identity and quality. Finished capsules are again tested to assure they are consistent with both laboratory test results and physical appearance.
  • Bound to the given Time-
    We deliver capsules to the distributors in time without any fail that too with all the thorough inspection and checking.

What differentiate us than other Capsule Manufacturer?

Our Capsule Manufacturing experts stringently follow all FDA standards and requirements. Our products are manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

Quality Assurance:
Each and every phase of Capsule manufacturing is tested, measured and verified with our quality assurance protocols. We believe in continuous process of improvement with ongoing development of our products backed by quality.

Secured Data Management System:
The Capsule Manufacturing Process is controlled by a well-designed system and the document management is in the correct place which ensures data security, authorizations, security, and protection online.

Latest Technology:
Our Advanced high speed capsule machines are well equipped to improve the quality and output of the product. We continuously upgrade our technology and Capsule manufacturing trends.

Product Testing Capabilities:
We employ Expert Qualified staff and provide periodical training for updating of skills. We have certified operators and fully equipped labs to ensure high quality Capsule manufactured products with the expected time deliveries.