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Cavendish Nutrition is the ultimate solution for your capsule manufacturing and filling services. We are compiled with most advanced high speed capsule machines to convert your raw material into a high potential product. A distributor is free to choose between gelatin or veggie capsules as per the requirements. We are committed and able to produce any type of capsule delivery system as per your criteria.

We regularly manufacture all sizes of capsules between 0, 00, elongated 00, 000, 1, 2, 3. All our capsules are polished, inspected, and test for metal detection on every batch. CNF is the only capsule manufacturer who is bind to manufacture capsules with latest updates of encapsulation ensuring high quality at the given time.


Dietary capsules are one of the major categories of dietary supplement manufactured by Cavendish Nutrition. The manufacturing process of dietary supplements is much more than mixing raw ingredients and molding a capsule. It involves many steps: raw materials are refined, ground and milled; ingredients are formed into powders; tablets or granules are dried to form a powder for formulation; tablet material is compressed into pellets; ingredients are blended together with pre-manufactured binders, fillers, dilators and disintegrators according to the structure and characteristics of the product. Numerous quality control measures must be followed during this process. The design of each product is also very important. We will be walking through some of the steps involved in manufacturing capsules in a step-by-step process.
Following is the process of capsule manufacturing from scratch:

  • The Formula
  • Selection of Raw Materials
  • Pricing Out the Formulation
  • Purchase Order Submission
  • Ordering Raw Materials
  • Raw Materials Arrive & Are Quarantined and Tested
  • Bench Work
  • Pilot Batch
  • Production Run and Testing
  • Testing of Finished Products
Capsules are a great way to deliver your supplements in a smart, efficient and creative way. We use the ultimate of mixing machines as well as an extremely efficient capsule manufacturer that converts raw material into capsules. Our nutritional capsules are the best choice for your dietary supplements. Our manufacturing process is designed to meet high standards of quality and delivery system. Our Capsules Manufacturer solves your capsule delivery system problems efficiently and economically. We have all the components and machinery through range of capsule manufacturing and delivery systems.
Health is not something you can go and buy. You have to make it happen. That’s where Cavendish Nutrition steps in with its huge selection of product lines at affordable prices made for every lifestyle. From daily vitamin supplements, to bulk protein powders and fat burning pills, we’re sure you’ll find what you need when you need it.


The manufacturing options for capsules are virtually endless! Here is just a small summary of what we can do. Please feel free toreach out to uswith any questions about these manufacturing options orcapsule manufacturer.

Size –Capsules are available in a variety of sizes depending on the ingredients and desired potency. We regularly manufacture all sizes of capsules between 0, 00, elongated 00, 000, 1, 2, 3.

Shape– The most common shapes are oblong, round or oblong collared round. Collars may also be applied to capsules, which can help with adsorption of ingredients in the production process and may help mask odor, taste or color while improving the appearance of the final product.

Texture– Capsules can be either hard or soft and can be customized depending on your formula specifications.

Formulation– Because we offer bothcontract manufacturingandprivate label packaging services, we can match your unique formula specifications. Hard capsules are more appropriate for dry powder ingredients that don’t contain enough moisture to compress into softgel. However, gelatins also provide an oxygen barrier and help extend a product’s shelf life, making this package popular amongcapsule manufacturersand consumers alike. Oursoftgel productshave excellent bioavailability and may help protect from lot-to-lot variation compared with powders or tablets due to their shell barrier characteristics. The coating can make them easier to swallow aid in digestion and mask the unpleasant odor, taste or color.

The beneficial fact about capsules is that there is an unlimited amount of unique ingredient mixes that can make up your capsule. The hard-sealed gelatin that creates the capsules can act as a great oxygen barrier and preserve the quality of the capsule and it’s comprised ingredients. The gelatin also helps extend the capsule’s shelf life. Ultimately, the coated capsule can be easier to swallow and may digest more easily.

Following chart represents our most popularcapsule manufacturingoptions; please call us at 888-856-0661 if there’s a specific manufacturing option that interests you.


  • >Gelatin Capsules Manufacturer –
    Gelatin capsules contain all same ingredients as regular gelatin, but in an easier to digest form. They are made from a water based gelatin which is derived from natural animal sources that has been hydrolyzed and de-sulphurized to easily break down in the digestive system. Gelatin capsules contain all the same ingredients as regular gelatin, but in an easier to digest form.
  • >Vegetarian Capsules Manufacturer –
    The Vegetarian Capsules manufacturer features plant-based capsules that are tasty, low in saturated and Tran’s fat, cholesterol free and they contain no animal by-products. Vegetarian capsules come in a variety of flavors and shapes, including hamburger, chilli chicken, black bean, lamb, egg and many more. Each capsule is stuffed with a soy-based vegetarian protein. If you’re a vegetarian and finding easy way to get supplement in your diet, then Vegetarian Capsules are a great way for it.
  • >Hypromellose/Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC) Manufacturer –
    Hypromellose/HYDROXYPROPYL METHYLCELLULOSE (HPMC). This compound is a hydrophilic polymer that has been specifically designed for soft capsule fillers. It is often used for use in pharmaceuticals and supplements, where it has a much higher viscosity than water. The hydrates the ingredients making them easier to mix with each other, and makes the product more absorbable to the body.
  • >Pullulan Manufacturer
    Pullulan is a natural polymer substance that comes from the pulp of many different plants, including barley grass, soybean root and corn. Pullulan is a vegetarian/vegan product with a neutral/butylic acid taste. It is added to foods as a thickening agent, gel and gelled dessert; it is also added to skin care products. Pullulan is able to be used in manufacturing high quality drug delivery systems for a variety of different medications, food and supplements, however due to its biodegradable nature it does have minimal effect on the environment.
  • >Colored Capsules Manufacturer
    Colored capsules contain nutrients in the same way as multivitamins, but in a completely different way. They stimulate the body to produce vitamins of its own, or support the body’s normal absorption of these vitamins. One of the most common types of capsules used to hold medicinal and other kinds of pills is the colored capsule. These capsules sometimes contain a colorant, which is used to help the capsule stand out from other similarly colored medicines that are in some way dissimilar to each other. The type of capsule used by capsule manufacturer will depend on the form of medication which it holds.
  • >Branded Capsules Manufacturer
    Branded capsules are perfect for companies that want to promote their brand to customers. Branded capsules manufacturer offer companies the opportunity to spread their brand message, image, or values across a variety of media.
  • >Delayed-Release Capsules Manufacturer
    Delayed-release capsules are well-behaved. These types of capsules by Capsules Manufacturer are designed to go through the digestive tract with your food or drink and then release the ingredients in a short period of time, usually within an hour after the capsule is consumed. Ingredients sometimes stay in the body indefinitely, but that depends on their consistency and formula. They can be used to supplement food with nutritional benefits, such as proteins, vitamins or minerals. Some delayed release capsules contain anti-oxidants and enzyme vitamins.
  • >Liquid and Beadlet Capsules Manufacturer
    Liquid capsules are easily swallowed and stronger than softgels. They help to rapidly solve the problem of constipation by upsetting the entire digestive system, especially the colon and rectum. Caplets are a good way to go. Beadlets sometimes have too much taste (and sometimes none at all), you can get liquid ones without as many additives that can cause side effects.
  • >Soft gels Manufacturer
    The soft gel capsule is the preferred type to take as it provides a natural potency from your own body as opposed to a pill form. This allows you to experience the full effect of your medicine, allowing you to be more adaptable to your needs. Whether it’s a vitamin and mineral supplement, protein boost, or a nutrition snack, our soft gels are engineered for stability and optimal absorption. The Soft Gels Vitamin & Mineral capsules are a great expander for overall health and energy. Each day, you can take several soft gels to maintain your nutritional needs and re-energize during the day.
  • >Hard shells Manufacturer
    Hard shell capsules are what you’re used to, but with a much better look and feel. They’re made of the same lightweight polycarbonate as soft shells and offer the same low cost and high quality standards. This type of capsule is the easiest to use because you can see through it without having to remove anything to get at what’s inside. And since they don’t have window coatings, they just look nicer than plastic containers on their own.


Our capsules can be packaged in almost any style of container, including bottles, blister packs, jars, and more. We can help you find the right type of container and the right size, and then provide labeling to suit your needs. In our Capsule Manufacturing process, we will even print custom boxes in your logo’s colors to match your look. When it comes to labels, we can design and print nearly anything you can imagine. If you already know exactly how you want your product to look, we can take that visual and print it on a label to match your vision. If you are unsure about the exact label design you would like, we can even offer you an array of options for consideration. Our team can produce label designs that are consistent with existing branding and marketing efforts or help you create label designs from scratch. Either way, your vision will come to life by labeling each of your products with a custom label.


  • >Variety-
    We manufacture all kinds of capsules- hard, soft, gelatin as per your needs.
  • >Bulk Production-
    Our production minimums for capsule manufacturing orders start between 1,500 and 2,000 bottles.
  • >Momentum-
    CNF has adopted the latest and most advanced technology machinery for capsule manufacturing. It means we are able to manufacture large number of capsules within a short span of time that too with quality.
  • >Quality Control-
    We have an expert team who strictly checks each capsule‘s quality and make sure capsule is not gone through dimples, tucks, splits or uneven fill weights. Every measure is taken to prevent imperfections throughout every step of the capsule manufacturing process, starting with raw material identity and quality. Finished capsules are again tested to assure they are consistent with both laboratory test results and physical appearance.
  • >Bound to the given Time-
    We deliver capsules to the distributors in time without any fail that too with all the thorough inspection and checking.


Our Capsule Manufacturing experts stringently follow all FDA standards and requirements. Our products are manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

Quality Assurance:
Each and every phase of Capsule manufacturing is tested, measured and verified with our quality assurance protocols. We believe in continuous process of improvement with ongoing development of our products backed by quality.

Secured Data Management System:
The Capsule Manufacturing Process is controlled by a well-designed system and the document management is in the correct place which ensures data security, authorizations, security, and protection online.

Latest Technology:
Our Advanced high speed capsule machines are well equipped to improve the quality and output of the product. We continuously upgrade our technology and Capsule manufacturing trends.

Product Testing Capabilities:
We employ Expert Qualified staff and provide periodical training for updating of skills. We have certified operators and fully equipped labs to ensure high quality Capsule manufactured products with the expected time deliveries.