Quality Assurance

We aim and are highly dedicated to manufacturing the highest standards of products each time and within time. Cavendish Nutrition is proud to be partnered with cGMP leaders in contract manufacturing of dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, and sport nutrition products. We lead the industry through our qualitative and finest ingredient production of organic Supplement Manufacturing, Private Label Elderberry Supplements, and Dietary Supplement Manufacturing. We create, produce and bundle a wide scope of alternatives for your dietary and elderberry supplement needs.

There are many ways that make us unique from other manufacturers. As we are committed to supreme quality, In-depth Quality Assurance is our prioritized and mandatory part of the manufacturing phase. We believe in advance open correspondence through a loyal partnership of supplier-customer with qualified sellers, key worldwide systems and duties for competitive valuing on crude materials. Cavendish Nutrition concentrates on our clients to be first to the market with imaginative fixings and firsthand information on current data, for example, clinical investigations and market patterns.

  • We have formulated over 20+ years in manufacturing custom supplement formulations and manufacturing
  • cGMP partnered
  • FDA registered and inspected
  • Our expert team carries relevant qualification and experience
  • Our newest types of equipment are compiled with the latest technology, higher efficiencies, better quality, and enormous speed
  • Integrated quality confirmation through every operation
  • Volatile manufacturing ability of both large and small volume production
  • Rapid speed, fully automated production lines
  • Precise documentation available for every production runs
  • USDA organic facility
Cavendish Nutrition and Fulfillment - Quality Assurance

Advanced hi speed capsule machines are equipped to produce uniform, high potency product. You can choose between gelatin or veggie capsules as per your requirement. Capsule sizes 0, 00, 000, 1, 2, 3

Custom Powder Manufacturing

Due to our blending expertise we manufacture consistent blends. Our blending rooms are equipped with stainless steel blenders/mixers where raw materials are blended under rigid quality control guaranteeing homogenous blends & product uniformity.


Having equipped with high speed tablets press machines and can offer coated, chewable, effervescent, sublingual & slow release tablets. All tablets are carefully monitored for size, weight, hardness, dissolution & friability.

Liquids Manufacturing

Years of experience in the natural wellness industry, nutraceutical industry and skin care industry, combined with our expertise and precision in contract liquid manufacturing, provides a unique perspective that other contract manufacturers lack.

Salves, Balms & Oils

We manufacture a variety of personal care products including salves, balms, and oil products, and more. Cavendish Nutrition prides itself in honesty, integrity, and remains committed to creating products using the highest quality ingredients.


Softgel manufacturers produce nutritional supplements made from sensitive and liquid-based ingredients. Working with a Softgel Contract Manufacturing service provider that can offer a suite of flexible production options.


Your brand’s packaging is the first thing people see. Having literally hundreds of packaging options between stock and custom Cavendish Nutrition provides you direct contact with the top suppliers in the industry.

Custom Formulationand Manufacturing
Custom Formulation

A custom formulation is any product made exclusively for your company to your exact specifications. Formulas can range from a single ingredient to several different components. Cavendish Nutrition has the ability to source.


Our partnered contract manufacturers have their own experienced research and development (R&D) and product development personnel. Cavendish Nutrition aligns your brand

Label Design

Our knowledge and understanding of label design principles, compliance and regulatory requirements makes us your perfect choice to design your supplement, vitamin and nutraceutical labels. We understand the importance of your label design and its impact on the success of your product.

Perfect Printing Labels for your product

Cavendish Nutrition printers produce the highest quality labels to represent your products. Our printers has for over 15 years specializing in printing labels for dietary supplements, and nutraceuticals. We have the ability to provide labels, stickers, inserts, and boxes. Ask us about any of your special packaging needs.

Cavendish Nutrition - Manufacturing and Fulfillment

Cavendish is a full-service fulfillment company. We providing the full spectrum of order fulfillment services including product fulfillment, drop shipping, kitting and more. Our commitment is to provide the highest level of personal attention to your business while delivering flawless service.