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Why Opt for Cavendish Nutrition for Freeze Drying?

Our cutting-edge machinery is engineered for authentic lyophilization, superseding traditional dehydration methods.

  • Cutting-edge facility
  • Reliable Safety – following current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) facility
  • Certified Organic

All operations are conducted in a facility certified for safety, adhere to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), and are FDA-approved. We offer competitive rates, reasonable turnaround times, and flexible customization options. Certification for organic standards is there!

Why Opt for Cavendish Nutrition for Freeze Drying?

Preservation of Nutrients

We Deliver superior nutrient retention compared to alternative techniques. Traditional preservation methods like canning and dehydration employ elevated temperatures, significantly diminishing the nutritional content of foods. Dehydrated foods preserve merely a small amount of their nutritional value, with canned foods retaining even less.

Preserves Scent and Visual Appeal

Maintains visual attractiveness. The process of freeze-drying effectively conserves the natural colors and forms of the original materials, leading to visually appealing, fragrant, and flavourful foods. The amazing taste and scent of freeze-dried products closely mimic that of the fresh ingredients, offering consumers confidence in the authenticity of the fruits and vegetables included in their meals.

Prolonged Shelf Life

Freeze-dried foods require less storage space. Freeze-dried foods can last up to a set of years, without requiring them to be rotated like other foods. Free from bulky cans, air, and added liquids, freeze-dried food also saves on storage space.

Aids In Minimizing Waste

Freeze-dried foods offer convenience and cost-effectiveness. By allowing consumers to rehydrate only the amounts they need, it helps in cutting down on waste.

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